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For Spindle Tooling, you need to tell us what your machine taper & machine make is & what you need to hold in the toolholder.

For Antivibration , you need to tell us Machine Weight, Make of Machine, Number of supports, Support Hole size it has.And any other details you think we should know to support you better.

For Carl Zeiss you need to tell us the maximum size & weight of the component and the measuring range required (X, Y, Z axes)

1. Name of Liquid 2. Chemical Formula of Liquid 3. Viscosity of Liquid 4. M.O.C. of Storage Drum/Barrel 5. Bung Hole Diameter of Drum/Barrel 6. Height of Drum/Barrel 7. Chemical Resistivity of Liquid to SS-316, MS, Polypropelene and Tephlon 8. Specific Gravity of Liquid 9. Delivery Head Required 10. Required Discharge Rate 11. Motor Required (Flameproof/Non-Flameproof)

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