Bilz BiAir Application for Surface Finish Tester for Cummins India Ltd.

Customer: Cummins India Limited

Problem faced: No consistency in reading was observed while measuring of Surface finish value on the cam shafts which are to be exported to their parent company.



Solution: The problem was studied in detail. The application is of sub micron level measurement and the site of measurement is very near to the cam shaft rumbling machines. Customer had already tried with some local make anti vibration pads for the rumbling machines but it has not shown much effect on the vibrations. After studying the site & the application following suggestions are given :

To provide a wing type fabricated structure to mount the surface plate. This fabricated structure with surface plate is mounted on 4 Nos BILZ Bi-Air 0.5 ED membrane air spring mounts. These four mounts are interlinked with mechanical pneumatic controller. With this controller the level of the system can be maintained within 0.01 mm/meter.

Customer has measured the amplitude of vibrations before putting the BILZ system at different ambient conditions. The same exercise was repeated after putting the BILZ system.

The problem of vibration was reduced by almost 95-98%.