Nitrogen Cylinder Pumps

As you may know if you have seen our earlier posts, we are dealers of Hacop motorised barrel pumps. Another 'Jugad' incident came to mind yesterday related to the model Pharma barrel pump.This barrel pump can be supplied either with an Electric Motor or a Pneumatic Motor.

Liquids which are highly inflammable need to be handled very carefully so as to avoid any accidents. Such liquids should not be pumped using electric motors as the risk is too high. In such cases the pneumatic motor becomes invaluable.

However, a pneumatic motor requires compressed air, which requires an air compressor, as well as a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) unit.

One of our customers faced such a problem, he wanted the pneumatic pump, but did not feel that the investment in an air compressor was a viable option. He was suggested by a friend to use Nitrogen Cylinders to power the pneumatic motor. As most of you may know, nitrogen is an inert gas. Our customer tried out this solution, and it worked! He has been using it ever since.

Even though, I am not sure as to the 'Cost Effectivness' of this solution, such ideas surely bring attention to the Innovative nature of the Indian small scale industry!