Faebi® Rubber Air Spring Mounts


The Bilz rubber air spring mount system – The FAEBI has a natural frequency of vibration of around 5 Hz. This is very low & hence gives a very high matching ratio. It can insulate any incoming vibrations of frequency over 12 Hz. With a low natural frequency of vibration, the Bilz FAEBI will give most effective vibration insulation for applications of Impact & Oscillations & high dynamic forces like in case of high speed power presses, forging hammers. Also suited for passive insulation in case of quality measuring & testing machines.

An Application of this Mount:



  • Highly effective insulation of machinery and subassemblies against impact and oscillation.
  • The construction allows a highly effective insulation without the disadvantage of excessive horizontal deflection.
  • The base plate is equipped with an anti-skid plate, so there is no need anchor the machine to the floor.
  • Bilz Level Controller Systems: Level control can be utilised whenever load changes occur on rubber air spring insulated machines, to avoid tilting of machine.
  • Range of Application:
    • High Speed Power Presses.
    • Forging Hammers.
    • Measuring & Testing Machines.
    • High-Precision Machine Tools.
  • Systems can also be supplied with an option of electronic or mechanical level control.