Barrel Pumps with Bore Well Drilling Equipments

In India, borewell drilling is a booming business. Thanks to the large number of villages, and various irrigation 
schemes launched by the government these business often have to go to remote places to do their job. Many-a-times even electricity is not available at these remote places.

As a solution to this problem, the equipment for the drilling purposes is pneumatically operated. Since this 
equipment has to be mobile, it is usually mounted on top of heavy vehicles such as trucks. An air compressor is also mounted on the truck to provide power to the drilling equipment. As you may know, most of the air compressors run on diesel.

In remote places where electricity is not available, it is difficult to pump diesel when required into the compressor. At times it may have to be done by hand! Which requires more time and may also result in some spillage leading to increased costs.

What can be the solution to this problem? 
Can we provide a barrel pump with this equipment to ease the diesel transfer operations?
But, what about electricity to run the pump? However, we do have an air compressor!
How about a pneumatically powered barrel pump?!

Since the drilling equipment itself requires pneumatic power for its operations, one only has to divert the outlet of compressed air to the barrel pump for a short time. Or they could provide a second outlet for this purpose with a valve so that it can be turned off as and when required. This solution would solve both problems of time and wastage, thus improving the productivity of the vehicle equipped with this barrel pump.

What are Your Thoughts?