Anti Vibration Products

 Rubber Insulation Plates Levelling Wedge Mounts   Levelling Elements
 Rubber Insulation Plates Leveling Wedge Mounts   Leveling Elements
 Faebi Rubber Air Springs BiAir Membrane Air Springs   Active Isolation System
 Faebi Rubber Air Springs BiAir Membrane Air Springs  Active Isolation System (AIS)
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Isolated Foundations Insulated Table  VITAP 
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Machine Mounts Neoprene Mounts Cushy Foot Mounts
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  Machine Fixator  


Need of Vibration Insulation

Today’s engineering industry is in the age of SPMs, CNCs & many other precision machines. These machines give versatility, speed, accuracy & consistency. Most of the times, these machines are imported & expensive. Therefore it is very important to best utilize the machines & take maximum measures to extend the life of the machines as much as possible. The life of any machine can be extended if the fatigue on it can be reduced.

The most important & inherent element causing machine fatigue is vibrations. It is always desirable to have vibration free machines. But a running machine does generate vibrations no matter whatever you do. However, we can reduce the transmission of the amplitude & resultant frequency of vibrations to acceptable levels. This is possible with the help of proper vibration dampening elements.
BILZ Germany is a well-known name in vibration technology & is a market leader on technical solution to any vibration problems.


  • Reduction in the amplitude & frequency of vibrations & avoiding resonance.
  • Arresting transmission of vibrations to neighboring areas.
  • Isolating vibrations coming from outside.
  • Dampens & eliminates structure borne noise.
  • Flexible factory layout.
  • Precision leveling can be achieved within ± 1/100 mm.
  • Self locking anti skid material.
  • Can eliminate machine civil foundation.
  • Longer machine life.
  • Longer tool life.
  • Lesser operator fatigue.
  • Better operator efficiency.
  • Resistance to coolants, lubricants, oil, grease or chemicals.
  • Resistance to temperature. Can withstand temperatures from -20 to 120 deg. C
  • Life of the mounts more than 10 years & better than machine life.
  • Correct solution to different vibration problems.
  • Faster production on machines due to better machine speeds & feeds.