Keyless Drill Chucks

drillchucksOur Keyless Drill Chucks are extremely accurate, strong and wear resistant. These chucks are produced using hardened and precision ground parts. As in all keyless chucks they are self tightening and are designed to give superb gripping power. All the external parts are hardened which ensures long life & robustness. The drill never slips & yet the chuck can be loosened by hand.

The indigenous Drill Chucks are available in 2 sizes:

DC 0-6.5 mm

DC 1-13 mm

The imported Keyless Drill Chucks are manufactured by Albrecht, a brand renowed for this product.

These drill chucks available in the following sizes:

DC 0-1.5 mm DC 1.5-3 mm DC 0-3 mm DC 0-5 mm DC 0-6.5 mm DC 0-8 mm DC 0-8 mm DC 0-10 mm DC 1-13 mm DC 3-16 mm

**Complete Stainless Steel chucks as well as Diamond Coated Jaws drill chucks (for carbide drills) are available from Albrecht.

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