matrixsmallOur form clamping systems with individually movable pins replace costly and highly customized devices and fixtures for clamping the varying shapes of your parts. The systems are extremely efficient in both single part production and high volume production.



  • Short preparation time for frequent changing of work pieces and prototypes
  • Modular Systems provide flexibility in construction and application
  • Extremely economical due to the cost reduction in contructing fixtures
  • Easy handling and accessibility to the work piece, infinite adjustment
  • High stability by optimally locking to the form of the work piece
  • Individually spring loaded stainless steel pins support complex shaped engineering components, creating a stable cavity support. It is simple, quick, precise & saves time & money.


Winner of Federal state prize for innovation, the (Landes-Innovationspreis) in November 2006.

Wide application references from a cross section of industries from watchmakers to Formula 1 Cars.

Stretch your imagination for a variety of applications & Matrix will exactly fit in.