Isolated Foundations

foundation-schematic-smallfoundation-schematic2-smallfoundation1step-smallThe main purpose of a machine foundation is to stabilise the machine as well as to increase the moment of inertia. The foundation, thus positively influences machine vibration by reducing the ampliude of oscillation. A correct isolation between machine foundation and the surrounding area will result in trouble free operation.

stacks-smallWhile doing vibration insulation, stacks of Bilz Anti Vibration rubber Plates are placed under the foundation block. By using these 'stacks', it is possible to reach a very low natural frequency, which enhances the isolation effect. In this vibration insulation system, in addition to the insulation plate stacks, we use a very heavy seismic mass (concrete block,etc.).

This stabilizes the machine, increases the moment of inertia & brings down the center of gravity of the system. Therefore the heavy concrete foundation will influence the machine vibrations by reducing the amplitude of vibrations & the Bilz insulation plate stacks will insulate the complete range of frequencies safely above 20 Hz.

The effect of the above two factors gives you a perfect vibration insulation system for your machines.

The benefits of this Bilz foundation insulation system are:

  • Eliminates transfer of amplitude & frequency of vibrations from all the sides.
  • Dampens & eliminates structure borne vibrations & noise.
  • Longer machine life.
  • Faster production on the machine due to better machine speeds.