Hacop Motorised Barrel Pump Mixer

As dealers of motorised barrel pumps, we often come across a few very unorthodox applications for many of our products. For example, one of our customers who manufactured thinners used one of our barrel pumps as a mini mixer for mixing certain chemicals required in his manufacturing process.

Previously, he used to pump these chemicals into a seperate mixer which required a motor with high power. This meant that the mixing operation required more time, energy and therefore increased cost.

The Hacop motorised barrel pumps are designed to provide a quick, efficient and safe method for removing liquids from barrels. These pumps come in two types, viz. Hacop Lube and Hacop Pharma. Both these models are equipped with a single phase universal motor and are capable of handling almost all of of your barrel emptying problems. The Hacop Pharma comes in a Stainless Steel (SS316) body and is therefore suitable for most if not all pharmaceutical operations.

This customer of ours, started to use this pump as a mini mixer for his mixing operations! This is how he achieved it; he attached a pipe to the output end of the pump and directed it back into the same barrel, and VOILA!! A mini mixer was created. I believe that the centrifugal action of the pump also helped in mixing the chemicals thoroughly.

It is really amazing to see how the minds of people work, and develop simple but highly effective solutions for their problems!

To sum up;
The customer saved up on the electricity costs by using a Lower Capacity Motor;
He also eliminated the need of pumping the different chemicals to the mixer, thereby saving time and labour;
Ultimately, the customer saved quite a bit of the cost involved in the original mixing process.