NC Drill Chuck

ncdrillchuck1medNC Drill Chucks are integral chucks with machining center tapers, like BT40 and BT50.

These chucks are provided with a clamping range to ensure 100% grip on the drill.

Application: The uni-body NC-Drill Chuck is most suitable for CNC machines.


  • Shorter Length .
  • Less Overhang.
  • Good Tool Life.
  • Less Regrinds.
  • Wrench Tightening.
  • High Concentricity (0.04 T.I.R.)




Comparision Data of Drill Chuck Tightening Torque

Type of Drill Chuck Method of Tightening Twisting Movement Comparision %
DC 1-13 (Normal) By Hand 6.9 Nm 100
NC DC 1-13 By Wrench 21.8 Nm 300

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