Vibration Isolated Table Top Platform (VITAP)



  1. Vitap® consists of a robust powder coated metal enclosure which contains 3 or 4 integrated low natural frequency rubber air springs or the even lower natural frequency BiAir® membrane air spring mounts.
  2. Vitap® is available both with and without a level controller. Though manual as well as automatic level control systems are available as per requirement.
  3. Standard platforms are supplied with a granite top for high mass and stiffness.
  4. The Vitap® is suitable for loads from 1 – 150 kgs.

It's wide range of applications are:

  • Visual Devices.
  • Light Microscopes with CCD Camera.
  • Inspection Microscopes.
  • Small Surface and Roundness Testers.
  • Lab and Measurement Rooms as well as semi-clean rooms.
  • The Vitap® also well suited for portable use.

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