BiAir® Membrane Air Spring Mounts



The Bilz BiAir membrane air spring mount system has a natural frequency of vibration of between 2.1 to 3 Hz. This is far lower & hence gives a very high matching ratio.

The Bilz BiAir membrane air spring mount system can insulate any incoming vibrations of 6Hz & above. For sensitive CMMs, measuring & testing machines, optical or electronic equipments & any other sensitive lab equipments, membrane air spring type of mounts give most effective vibration insulation.

In case of such applications it is always very difficult to predict incoming vibrations as the machines are installed right in the workshop. The measuring machine is subjected to different types of vibrations from metal cutting machines; overhead cranes, forging hammers, presses, forklifts, or other material movement vehicles etc. These give complex situation of incoming vibrations on the CMM machine. Therefore it is always good to install the best vibration insulation system in such applications of measuring machine.

Bilz BiAir membrane air spring mount is the most preferred insulation system all over the world. The lowest natural frequency of vibration of the membrane air spring mounts makes it the most efficient insulation system. The system is provided with a unique level controller. The automatic level controller can be utilized to overcome the problems associated with load changes in air spring insulated machines. The height of the air spring mount can be controlled by changing the pressure in the air spring insulators. When the air springs are inflated with the required air pressure, it lifts the top plate on which the machine to be insulated is kept, which is then like floating in the air. Therefore, there is no chance of transfer of vibrations from any side.

The benefits of the above Bilz system are,

  1. Eliminates transfer of amplitude & frequency of vibrations from all the sides.
  2. Dampens & eliminates structure borne vibrations & noise.
  3. Longer life of the CMM.

Bilz BiAir Self Leveling Action Video