zeiss spectrum-smallKey Features

Machine Design:

  • Bridge-type measuring machine with fixed measuring table
  • Measuring Surface compliant with DIN 879
  • Rigid and Lightweight bridge
  • Integrated Design for small footprint

Accuracy and Precision:

  • Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA)
  • Long term stability of guideway behaviour
  • Glass Ceramic length measuring system

Measuring Range:

  • Available in different sizes for small and medium sized measuring applications
  • Measuring range from 500x500x500 mm up to a max of 1000x1600x600 mm
  • Small footprint with integrated control systems on machine base.

Maximum Workpiece Weight:

  1. Spectrum 500 Model= 158 Kgs.
  2. Spectrum 1000 Model= 825 Kgs.

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